Dabbo Signature Age Defying – Firming/Lifting
$175 60 minutes
Ultrasound deep pore cleanse and spatula, penetrate deep within the epidermis and dissolve dead skin and organic waste.  The signature piece of this facial is a naturally extracted, marine collagen mask, free of unwanted chemicals and preservatives. Naturally extracted at an extremely low molecular weight for greater absorption and enriched with antioxidants, this mask will improve your skin texture, structure and elasticity.  Your skin will receive the full benefits of collagen, as it tightens and tone, and shrinks and strengthens your pores. A soothing European massage tops off this package.

Color Correcting & Brightening/Resurfacing 
$150 up 60 minutes
Start off with an ultrasound, deep pore cleanse, followed by special enzymes to remove dead skin and debris.   Special topical depigmentation serums are introduced into the skin that will visibly reveal younger, healthier looking skin. These natural botanicals reduce epidermal pigmentation and inhibit melanin production for a flawless, mono-chromatic appearance.

Clear Complexion/Acne
$125  60 minutes

Recommended for oily/acne skin with dramatic results. Ultrasound deep pore cleanse, enzyme, extractions.

Vitamin C AOX & Hydration Facial
$90 45 minutes
This luscious facial helps combat free radicals from the sun and environmental polution, and provides maximum hydration.  Start off with a ultrasound, deep pore cleanse, followed by our scrumptious Enzyme to remove dead skin and debris.  Your skin is then infused with our powerful and firming, free radical fighting Vitamin C peptide and hydrating peptide moisturizer. A light massage will follow. You'll leave with a clearer, visibly brighter complexion.  

Basic Facial
$85  45 minutes
Ultrasound deep pore cleansing w/steam and Hungarian enzyme.  Light massage.  

Gentlemen's Facial
$90 45 minutes
This customized facial cleanses and hydrates and effectively addresses razor bumps and burns. You’ll start off with a deep pore cleanse using hot, steamy towels, followed by an enzyme and steam to help slough off dead skin.  A special mask and light massage tops off this exquisite treatment. 

Back Facial
$150 up 60 minutes
Recommended for oily/acne skin with dramatic results. Ultrasound deep pore cleanse, enzyme, extractions.

Deep ultrasound cleanse followed by enzyme treatment and extractions.

Microdermabrasion - Smooth & Polished
$125  60 minutes
Enzyme and Microdermabrasion or Dermafile. Advance treatment for smoothing and evening out skin tone.

Add Special Masks to any treatment $15

Chemical Peels
For aging and sun-damaged skin; deep wrinkling and loss of elasticity; acne, and rough calloused skin. 

Micro Peel ("Lunchtime Peel") $125

A quick and easy way to rejuvenate and refresh the face without the downtime.  It brightens and helps smooth and even out the complexion.

  • AHA Acid
  • Lactic
  • Glycolic

Medium to Deep  $200

  • Salicylic
  • Mandelic/Vitamin A

 Deep $250 up

  • TCA
  • Salicylic
  • Modified Jessner

 10% discount on series

  • Full Back $75
  • Full Leg $55.00/Half Leg $35.00
  • Arm  $25 up

    Eyebrow Design - Tweezed for Precision $25 


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