dabbo /dab-o/n. 1. a bread staple in Ethiopia

Dabbo Skin Care Studio (Dabbo) is an anti-aging, acne and color correction boutique, and is especially skilled in the unique skin care needs of sun-damaged, and black & ethnic skin.

Dabbo specializes in the field of advanced skin care and believes in a simple approach, progressive treatment and optimum home care.

Dabbo believes that flawless skin starts with a steady diet of nutritious food and skin care staples we simply refer to as CEMP - Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize and Protect!  Dabbo then taps into its arsenal of research and master training in cosmeceuticals and natural skin care to deliver results!

Dabbo specializes in chemical peels, skin tone balancing and smoothing.  We are highly effective in addressing and resolving face and back acne, melasma, dark spots, razor bumps, and facial and body discolorations. 

Dabbo currently consults and conducts skin care workshops for the industry, estheticians, and the general public.



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